Sample and performance evaluation of UV aging chamber

Sample and performance evaluation of UV aging chamber

First, use:

The UV aging box is suitable for the fluorescent UV lamp method in the exposure method of various materials in the laboratory, mainly for the change of the material placed outdoors and the durability test of the new material improvement formula and product.

Second, the test conditions:

2.1. Test sample fixing device on the test frame, facing the fluorescent lamp When the sample is not filled with the sample holder, the sample holder needs to be filled with the blackboard to keep the inner wall of the test box closed.

2.2. Test temperature. Three temperatures of 50, 60, and 70 ° C can be used for illumination, and 60 ° C is preferred; the temperature of the condensation phase is 50 ° C, and the tolerance of temperature is ± 3 ° C.

2.3. The period of each condensation of illumination can be selected from 4H illumination, 4H condensation or 8H illumination, and 4H condensation. After the first illumination of 400 ~ 450H, each row of lamps needs to replace a fluorescent lamp, and other lamps compensate for the loss caused by aging of the lamp according to the lamp cycle and replacement. This mode of operation ensures that the life of each lamp is between 1600 and 1800H.

2.4. When replacing the lamp, wipe the water tray and clean it to avoid scale formation.

Third, test samples and performance evaluation:

3.1. Appearance evaluation: The coating is mainly evaluated for appearance. Plastics and rubber can also be evaluated for appearance when necessary. The items to be inspected are mainly gloss, color change, chalking, spots, blistering, cracks and dimensional stability. Equipment should be used for quantitative project testing, such as gloss and color difference meter.

3.2. Mechanics and other properties

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