Our main products: Mini environmental chambers, high-low temperature chambers, temperature humidity test chambers, alternating humidity heat chambers, combined temperature and humidity chamber, three-layer constant temperature humidity chambers, (large) walk-in temperature humidity chambers, rapid change temperature humidity chambers, stress screening test machines, thermal shock chambers, UV aging test chambers, drug stability test chambers, resistance aging test machines, industrial precision ovens, vacuum ovens, dust-proof ovens, explosion-proof ovens, muffle furnaces, xenon aging chambers, rain test chambers (swing pipe test devices, drip test devices), dust test chambers, comprehensive heat damp vibration test chambers, high & low temperature low pressure test chambers, aging test rooms, burning test equipment, salt spray testers, compound salt spray test machines, simulated transport vibration test machines, drop testers, etc. Non-standard chambers can be designed according to customers requirements.

The products are widely used in aerospace, military industry, universities, IT, communication, semiconductor, photo-electricity, electronics, electrical appliances, wires, plastic, hardware, chemical, leather, medical, material research institutions and enterprises and institutions and other industries.

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