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​Working principle of air supply system for salt spray corrosion test chamber

Summary of working principle of air supply system for salt spray corrosion test chamber:

1. The saturator temperature value is controlled by the main control board, according to different environment temperature and indoor temperature to adjust, saturation is the pressure vessel, resistance pressure≥6Kg, made of stainless steel, every saturator is equipped with 2pcs heater, one is pressure vessel, resistance pressure.

2. The barrel is equipped with deionized water, water level gauge, inlet water valve, vent valve, sensor and test hole, etc.

3. The connector connects the pipe to the nozzle and installs the pressure gauge on the connector with steam or deionized water to clean the air entering the nozzle.

4. Salt corrosion test chamber is close to the testing temperature and clean the humid air inside the chamber. The purpose of the test is to simulate the environmental conditions close to the test temperature inside the chamber and clean the damp air.

5. Pipe system of supply air system, there are PP high pressure pipes from compressor to storage vessel. Gradually reduce the outer diameter by the direction.

6. The first section before entering the nozzle is a silicone rubber tube.

7. With the exception of the layer frame of the salt spray corrosion test chamber, all pipes and inner frames exposed to the air need to be supplemented with different insulation materials.

8. Water in the saturator, since the air coming out of the saturator is hot and humid, it will take away some water vapor. It will work for a long time and consume water constantly, so it’s necessary to replenish water regularly.

9. Because of the atomization state, there is pressure in the saturator, water can’t be fed, water must be stopped temporarily.

10. In this case, it’s necessary to set two valves on the saturator. One is the inlet solenoid valve, the other is outlet solenoid valve.(Through solenoid valve, both solenoid valves open at the same time when water is fed.)

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