High temperature oven

High temperature oven


The main purpose

  • Suitable for defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automotive, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used to find early failures, simulate actual working condition assessment and structural strength tests. The product has a wide range of applications, wide application areas, significant test results and reliability. Sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, programmable, frequency doubling, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation time control, full function computer control, simple constant acceleration and constant amplitude.

model ST-100A ST-150A ST-450A
Content (L) 100 150 450
Internal dimensions(mm)W× D×H cm 45×45×50 50×60×50 80×80×70
Outside dimensions(mm)W× D×H cm 105×78×155 110×83×155 140×103×175
temperature range RT+10~+200℃
Temperature fluctuation range ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ±2.0℃
Heating time Can rise from RT + 10 ℃ to + 200 ℃ within 60 minutes
Cooling time Can be lowered from + 150 ℃ to normal temperature within 90 minutes
Ventilation times Ventilation volume adjustable 5-100 times / hour
Turntable diameter 250mm 300mm 500mm
Turntable speed 8-10rpm adjustable
Housing material Anti-rust treatment cold rolled steel plate + 2688 powder coating
Inner body material Stainless steel plate (US304)
Insulation Materials glass fiber
Heater Stainless steel nickel-chromium alloy electric heater
Controller South Korean ternary (ST series) button controller
Blower for stirring in the box Long axis motor × 1 Long axis motor × 2
power supply 220VAC1Φ2W50/60HZ 380VAC3Φ4W50/60HZ
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