Electromagnetic shaker

Electromagnetic shaker


The main purpose

  • Suitable for defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automotive, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used to find early failures, simulate actual working condition assessment and structural strength tests. The product has a wide range of applications, wide application areas, significant test results and reliability. Sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, programmable, frequency doubling, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation time control, full function computer control, simple constant acceleration and constant amplitude.

                                         Model                                                                                         DT-100(6°space all-in-one machine)

型号 DT-100(6度空间一体机、上下/左右/前后)
Main functions: (half / full) sine wave, frequency modulation vibration, frequency sweep vibration, programmable vibration, frequency doubling vibration, logarithmic vibration, constant amplitude: within ± 25% of constant amplitude, three axes
XY, Z can be individually vibrated, six modes of three-axis continuous vibration, random vibration: (vibration direction mode) frequency mode (Sichuan waveform mode).
Test room size 500 × 500mm (width * depth) customized table area
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 550mm (depth × width × height)
Frequency Range 0.5→600HZ
control method Full-featured computer
control direction Up / down / left / front
Vibration mode Six-degree space all-in-one machine [random, sine], (three axes on the same table are individually continued at the same time) vibration
Vibration waveform Half wave or full wave
Test load 100kg
Countertop structure
  • Frequency resonance is best to double the stability
  • Countertop special aluminum alloy
  • Through-holes on the table (mainly physical): a: 28 (10m) b: strap through holes * 24 pieces c: fixture (fixture) through holes-× 24 pieces
  • Measure test screw hole one-* 4 (5mm)
  • Anti-magnetic leakage: With the cover (30m), the magnetic reduction is 50-70%
  • 0-5.0mm (adjustable)
  • 0-50kg(Amplitude: 0-7 / Max acceleration: 0-22g)
  • 0-100kg (amplitude: 0-5.0mm / max acceleration: 0-20g)
  • 0-150kg (amplitude: 0-4.0mm / maximum acceleration: 0-15g)
Constant acceleration
Programming frequency
Single group sweep

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