Two boxes of hot and cold shock test chamber

Two boxes of hot and cold shock test chamber

Detailed description
The main components of the equipment (compressors, controllers, large refrigeration accessories) can provide customs declaration and conformity certificates.
In terms of structure, the sheet materials we use are all large slabs full of 1.0, and the overall appearance is high-end, and the laser cutting technology we use has more advantages than the CNC machining of the same industry.
Electrical controllers are all durable and well-known brands, and can have relevant purchase contract certificates. All wiring of the electrical panel is wired in accordance with the circuit diagram, with white wire numbers uniformly, which is more convenient for maintenance.
The refrigeration system increases the Danfoss automatic throttle valve, which can automatically control the size of the refrigerant flow to avoid the phenomenon of frosting during compression at low temperature. At the same time, the defrosting of the low temperature zone door uses the refrigeration circuit to defog. Compared with the industry, the heating wire defrosting is more Effective, no maintenance rate, and once the heating wire is burned, it cannot be replaced.
The cylinder in-position detection function and the protection function to prevent the basket from falling off greatly increase the safety of the equipment.

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