IPX5-6 Rain Test Chamber

IPX5-6 Rain Test Chamber

Waterproof rating test IPX56 rain test box

Waterproof level test IPX56 rain test box is used to determine the adaptability of electrician and electronic products to the rain environment. The box-type rain test box is suitable for testing the waterproof protection of automobile lamps, wipers, waterproof strips, locomotive instruments and low-voltage electrical enclosures. performance.

Natural rainwater damages products and materials, causing incalculable economic losses every year. The damage caused mainly includes corrosion, fading, deformation, strength decrease, swelling, mold, etc., especially electrical products are easy to cause fires due to short circuits caused by rain. Therefore, it is an indispensable key procedure to conduct a shell protection water test for specific products or materials.

This set of waterproof test equipment (IPX5-6) is a standard equipment, including dripping device, oscillating device, and flushing device. It needs to be installed in a special laboratory to perform artificial rain test on the product. This equipment is artificially simulated The rain test does not include rainfall with strong wind speed, and does not consider the large amount of water ingress caused by the temperature difference between the temperature of the test sample and the temperature of rain.

This equipment can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated tests for scientific research, product development and quality control.
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