Temperature and humidity test chamber product features

1. Arc shape and matte line treatment, high-quality appearance, and flat anti-reaction handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable;
2. Closed structure, using strong circulation motor, low-pitched sound freezing device; with anti-vibration table pad, which makes the machine stand quiet and stable during operation;
3. With the test piece power-on test function (load test);
4. It adopts Philips lighting window light and built-in high temperature demisting device to facilitate observation of product test conditions in the box; it has various protection devices and its performance is safe and reliable.
5. Super thick insulation layer, observation window five layers of vacuum glass, the amount of heat is not lost, ensuring rapid and stable temperature rise and fall.
6. The ventilated wet and dry watch should be integrated and integrated into the whole machine. It can't be arbitrarily plugged by the user. This is because the ventilated wet and dry watch has strict wind speed requirements. This wind speed is different from the wind speed and temperature check box. It can only be installed. In special parts.
7. It is humidified by surface escaping. In this way, water molecules are added to the air. The humidifying surface is large, the release is stable, the humidity fluctuation is small and the distribution is uniform. If ultrasonic or steam is used for humidification, water droplets are added, that is, water is added. Instead of true humidity, the humidification surface is small, the impact is large, the humidity fluctuates greatly and the distribution is uneven.
8. The suspended items to be tested do not need to be fixed and do not swing. Once they are swung, there are problems of difficulty in reading and collision.
9. The tested objects do not block each other. If there is a blockage, the device can only meet the index when the empty box is tested, but the uniformity index is poor when actually used.
10. The cooling parts of the equipment can not be condensed or frozen. The longer the icing, the more icing, and finally the whole is blocked, the air can not pass, and the air circulation performance is degraded, resulting in a decrease in control quality.

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