Detailed working process of the rapid temperature change test chamber

The rapid temperature change test chamber completes the corresponding temperature setting, humidity setting, time setting and other actions of the test box through the auxiliary control device. The control function module also accepts the instructions of the operation panel, on the one hand, directly controls the operation of the test box, and on the other hand, part of the information. The module is sent to the control of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber process.

In the rapid temperature change test box test, it is divided into two operating modes: fixed value and program. The fixed value is the requirement for the test. Only the fixed temperature point and humidity point test are performed on the product. The program operation mode is also called the alternating test. , or programmable test, the principle is to integrate the PLC module in the control instrument, the digital controller is a digital computing electronic system, designed for use in industrial environments. The rapid temperature change test chamber is mainly used to inspect the failure caused by the thermomechanical properties of various industrial products. When the materials constituting the components of the product are poorly matched in heat, or the internal stress of the components is large, the temperature cycle test can cause defects in the mechanical structure of the product. Failure due to degradation.

The temperature change rate of the rapid temperature change test chamber is generally between 5° C /min and 20 ° C /min, realizing the true reproduction of the application environment conditions of the tested sample at a relatively fast speed, generally applied to optoelectronic devices, interconnect circuits, component units and electronic devices. Screening test and failure mode assessment. It is an effective way to find product design defects and process problems. The rapid temperature change test chamber uses the temperature acceleration technique (the product produces alternating expansion and contraction when circulating in the upper and lower extreme temperatures) under the design strength limit to change the external environmental stress and generate thermal stress and strain in the product. By accelerating the stress, the stagnation of the product (the potential part material, process, process) occurs to avoid the failure of the product during the use of the environmental stress, resulting in unnecessary losses.

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