Maintenance of UV aging chamber

In order to work better in the UV aging test chamber and maintain a good condition for a long time, please maintain it according to the following items:
1. Keep enough maintenance space between the equipment and adjacent walls or other equipment after installation;
2. The ambient temperature of the installation site cannot be changed drastically;
3. When the equipment is in non-working conditions, it should be kept dry, drain the water after running, and dry the studio and the cabinet;
4, the equipment is best placed in a well ventilated place (recommended to install a ventilation fan to maintain indoor ventilation);
5, should not be installed in dusty places;
6. Prohibit the chemical from contacting the equipment (away from combustibles and explosives);
7. The wastewater discharge system of the equipment must be installed in place;
8. After each test, the sample should be taken out and the equipment liner cleaned up.;
9. After use, cover the plastic cover. (Keep the appearance of the cabinet clean; avoid dust from entering the cabinet).

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