Solution of abnormal failure of high temperature test chamber


1. Observe whether the indoor circulating fan works normally. If it burns out and does not work, evaporation can not evaporate normally, so that it can not cool down.
2. Determine whether there is a voltage supply to the compressor, such as whether the AC contactor connected to the compressor unit is sucked? Is the wire connecting the compressor not broken or disconnected or badly connected? And judge whether the voltage reaches the rated voltage requirements of the compressor.
3, judge the current of the compressor unit, the current must reach the rated current of the compressor, if the voltage is normal, the current does not meet the requirements, indicating the lack of refrigerant refrigerant.
4. If the high-temperature test chamber is a overlapping unit, observe whether the two units are in operation. If one is not working, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. Find out the cause of non-working compressor and solve the problem.
5. Observe whether the cooling fan of the condenser is working and whether the turning of the cooling fan is normal. In normal operation, the wind should blow outwards.

6. Determine whether the compressor of the high temperature test chamber is short of refrigerant, and observe whether the pressure is normal after the compressor is started using the pressure gauge. Or the temperature of the high-pressure exhaust pipe of the compressor by hand feeling. Normally, it should be very hot and hot. If the double unit refrigeration, to determine the lack of refrigerant compressor.

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