UV aging test chamber of lamp tube when the light source is insufficient how to replace

Ultraviolet aging test chamber light tube and people's home light tube is the same basic principle, no one can ensure that it is not bad, but the ultraviolet sterilization tube can not be like the light tube at home, such as completely unusable to replace. Because that would jeopardize the entire uv radiation source experiment, they had to be replaced at the right time to keep the experiment intact.

UV aging test chamber

The removal and replacement time of the light tube of the uv aging test chamber: The basic principle of ultraviolet sterilization lamp and People's Daily life of daylight lamp, when long-term application, the two sides of the light tube will appear black, dark lighting effect, light effect flickering flickering light condition, that is to say, the expression of radiation or sterilization tube in slowly decline, so that fade, When the ultraviolet sterilization lamp radiation source is reduced in 75% category, customers must be on the cabinet of the light tube according to the following methods to carry out replacement, in order to ensure the characteristics of machinery and equipment.

Remove the 3rd lamp, move the 2 lamp to the 3# position, 1# lamp to the 2# position, 4# lamp to the 1# position, install a new light tube in the 4# lamp position, so, the ultraviolet source from beginning to end by the new lamp and the old lamp composition, and then obtain a stable output of light kinetic energy.
The removal time and method of the lamp tube of the resolving ultraviolet aging test box are for reference only, and I hope to give you a practical application in the actual application. For more details, please contact our customer service.

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